Mukesh 'Mike' Patel

Mukesh 'Mike' Patel first came to America to play soccer in Atlanta. Today he owns the successful one the hospitality group.

Mike showed his leadership qualities when he headed the Asian American Hotel Owners Association, AAHOA. Last May, President Bill Clinton appointed Patel to serve on the advisory commission on Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders.

A founder-member of the American Indian Foundation, Mike is in India to make the final arrangements for Clinton's visit to the earthquake-ravaged Kutch region of Gujarat next week.

Mukesh (Mike) Patel Bio:

Born in Uganda, Mike moved to England with his family when he was eight years old, after the dictator Idi Amin deported anyone of Indian decent. Growing up, he was a soccer enthusiast and played professional soccer for the English Premier League for club teams, Crystal Palace and Southhampton. In 1981, Mike moved to the United States to play for the Atlanta Chiefs. When the league folded, he purchased his first hotel in the mid 80s. Mike is a graduate of the London Business School.

Patel is now a prominent hotelier and real estate developer who is also one of the founding members for AAHOA and involved in various social and charitable organizations.

Mike’s work with the community drew the interest of President Bill Clinton, who invited him on a trip to India as part of the White House’s Initiative on Asian, Americans and Pacific Islanders. He helped initiate historic changes for these groups in banking, social services, immigration, and relations with India. On his India trip, thetwo became friends, and Clinton later appointed Mike to the Clinton Global Initiative in which he helped fundraise earthquake relief in Gujarat as well as on projects associated with the Clinton Foundation’s Global Initiatives on AIDS, hunger, and climate change.

In 2007, Patel was recipient of the Award for International Cooperation between the United States and the United Kingdom awarded by British Prime Minister Tony Blair in London on Wednesday, June 20. Mr. Patel was commended for his commitment to improve relations among ethnic communities around the world. Patel was also awarded the Ellis Island Medal Of Honor in 2008. The award is given to outstanding Americans who have distinguished themselves as citizens of the U.S. and have also enabled their ancestry groups to maintain their identities. Patel received his award at a gala held at Ellis Island in New York. Nominees are selected each year through a national nomination process.

During former President Bill Clinton’s administration, Patel also part of Realizing the Dream Inc. with Martin Luther King III who he accompanied along with Rep. John Lewis, Former Senator Harris Wofford, Former Ambassador Andrew Young, and legendary Jazz Musician Herbie Hancock in 2009 to India to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and Mrs. Coretta Scott King’s 1959 tour of India.


Mukesh "Mike" Patel

Mike Patel with Bill Clinton

Mike Patel receives British award from PM Tony Blair

Mike Patel with Hillary Clinton