Charity by Mukesh Patel

Legendary American hotelier Conrad Hilton said the “practice of charity will bind us… in one great brotherhood.” Duluth, Georgia hotel developer Mike Patel is bound with others in the hospitality industry in continuing the legacy of charitable hoteliers expressed so eloquently by Hilton. Mike works with Americans of Indian descent and with those less fortunate than he is to ensure everyone he can reach achieves personal and professional success.

Listing Mike’s accomplishments is a bit of a challenge since he wishes to remain anonymous regarding some of his most impactful charitable contributions and initiatives. Although he often maintains a low profile, he has stepped onto the global stage in a few cases to advance his causes.

Mike originally came to the United States to make it as a soccer player, but his true success came in the field of business – specifically, hospitality development and management. He also became a leader in the Asian American Hotel Owners Association (AAHOA), which led to his being chosen by President Bill Clinton for an advisory position on the board of the Clinton Global Initiative. Together, Mike and President Clinton worked on relief efforts in the earthquake-ravaged Kutch region of Gujarat.

Additionally, Mike was privileged to travel with Martin Luther King III, U.S. Rep. John Lewis and esteemed jazz musician Herbie Hancock to India for studying Gandhi’s nonviolence philosophy in the land where it first arose.

Mike often proves that he’s more than a hotelier, but a leader on the world stage, working to help and benefit each person or group with whom he comes in contact. More than a Duluth, Georgia businessman, Mike Patel is a charitable leader.

Simply put, the world is better because of Mike Patel. On behalf of impoverished and hurting people everywhere and Indians working and living in America, Mike works tirelessly to make a difference in any way possible.